Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Curious about something....

The past two days when I have been doing my Leslie Sansone walking exercise, instead of marching in place I have been running in place!  Oh WOW does it feel good to be active again!

I noticed something though.
Yesterday, I wore my Asics, which are not motional control or stability, which I have been told that I need, and I felt great.

This morning, I wore my New Balance running shoes, and I am finding that I just do not like them.  I have never really liked them.  Let me remind you of my running shoe drama.  My first pair of running shoes were Brooks Ariels.  I totally loved them.  Until I realized that they were too small, and I was over-correcting in my stride which led to hip issues.  I returned them, but the store didn't have my Ariels in 11.5, which I needed.  So I ended up with clunky New Balances.  Which the only plus was that they didn't hurt my hip.  And the colors.  And the laces.  Okay.. they weren't awful.  But they weren't my Brooks.

So this morning, having had the direct comparison from my other sneakers, I realized that the pain on my left foot, on the joint under my pinky toe, is not supposed to be there in shoes that fit well.


I don't know what to do.
I suppose that I COULD return THESE shoes, too.... but that feels really cheap.  I have put almost 100 miles in them. So I think that I am just going to deal with it until I am able to buy my Ariels in size 11.5.

Thanks for helping me work that out, internet!