Thursday, February 10, 2011

I remember this...

I remember this feeling.
It is like an old friend,
long separated by busy lives,
plagued with guilt during the separation
(and then avoidance when the guilt is at its worst).

How happy the reunion!
There is pain because of the time that has passed-
the moments that were missed during
the weeks of silence,
but the desire to connect again is sincere and true.

I remember this feeling.
Muscles screaming from exertion and exhaustion.
Alive, awake, present in the moment.
Fighting through self-imposed limits.
Sweating through bondibands and workout clothes.

.....  and wanting more.


What is new this time around is my network of support.  Crystal, Jen, Ann-Marie and I are really holding each other accountable.  We are not all doing the same plan.  We do not all have the same goals, but we are helping each other through to accomplish our own goals.  I am so pumped to get over to the Will Run For Cake blog each day (or sometimes more) and update on my progress and my goals.

If you have not had true support/accountability before, FIND IT.  It has made all the difference!  (For me, anyway!)