Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Moving! in T - 18 Days!

We are MOVING!
We found a place that we loved, that we had to crunch the numbers (just a little bit) and commit to really, actually buckling down on our finances in order to make it work, and we met with the landlord yesterday, and we got it!!

It is a two bedroom house attached to a dentist office right in the heart of town!

The paint is new, the layout is great, and we fell in love with it when we walked into the kitchen-- and that isn't even the best part of the house!

The bedrooms have built in drawers -- so cool, and lots of closets.

The bathrooms are TINY -- we have been very spoiled by our bathrooms in our previous places, but it's okay.  Bathrooms are not a deal-breaker.  :)

So-- Saturday, May 28th is MOVING day!
And then on Monday, I will be with my band kiddos for the Memorial Day Parades.  But I won't have to go far!!

Things that are falling into place?

-- We can start moving things in now.   Basically-- every single day, I could load up the van/car and take stuff to the house.

-- Internet and electric are all set up, and we are getting a great deal on just internet!  Woo!  (Which reminds me..... need to call hubs and double check that)

-- My parents are sending us $$ to pay for the U-Haul truck!! Wow! We so weren't expecting it, but really, really appreciate it!

-- Our pastor is going to round up some guys from our church to help us on Moving Day!

-- My husband is taking the Friday before AND the Tuesday after Memorial Day off for packing/unpacking purposes.

SO yeah.
That's what's going on in MY 'hood.  

Peace out,  Yo.