Tuesday, August 2, 2011

a restful day, and the cough is practically gone!

Yesterday was a wonderful day on the parenting spectrum.  After the WW3 that was Sunday (picture battle, after battle, after battle) with Soccer Boy, and some other upheaval in our lives, we were ready for a day of rest.  And since my husband had to leave for work at 4:30AM, and I was facing a day alone with the stranger that used to be my adorable, compliant son, and his younger brother, it didn't seem to be a likely outcome.

However--- a day of rest it was, in many ways, even though as soon as my husband came home I had to rush to the school to teach five hours of music lessons, it was a very restful day -- free from arguing and defiance.


On a completely unrelated note, I am thrilled  to report that the nagging, lingering wheeze and cough that I had been suffering from since July 17th is almost completely gone.  My good friend, Lori, who happens to be the school nurse where I teach, had suggested that it might be allergies, but since I had suffered a similar malaise the LAST time I had a cold, I just assumed it was an asthma thing.   But when a second friend mentioned the allergy possibility again, I decided it could NOT hurt to take some of the Zyrtec D that I just happened to HAVE at home.  Can I just say that it awesome to be able to walk up the stairs and not have a coughing fit?

SO, yeah.... it's working.  Like a CHARM.  I am so happy!
But I am also disappointed, because if it had occurred to me sooner, I would have been on the mend, and could have participated in the Lobster Roll 5K (the 2nd annual!) in my town that happened on Saturday. As it was, the route passes by our house, so my boys and I watched from the window and cheered on students, colleagues and friends as they passed by.

I love my town!!

After lunch today, if the weather holds up, the boys and I are going to walk down to the Library so that I can get a new library card, and enroll in the e-book rental program!  (Thanks, MCM Mama, for mentioning the Overdrive app, and program! I  checked it out and our little library is involved! Hooray!)

On the way I plan to hit up the gourmet popcorn store.  (So excited.)  And possibly, after the library, get a treat from the coffee shop next door.  The trick to that one will be the stairs vs the stroller.  There is another cute little bakery, but the stroller would take up so much room in there, and that one is so close to our house that we would practically be HOME by then, and I would feel silly splurging when we could just have a snack at home.  (But it is about the adventure, right?)

Anyway -- fun will be had this afternoon.

If the weather holds up.
(The sky is looking kind of gray. Good for cloud cover, bad if it starts raining!)

Any tips for checking out (and correctly, safely and promptly returning) library books?

1. Cuddle Bug seriously believes that books are either snacks, or stepping stones.  I should keep track of how many times I re-shelve my books back on my book case per day.  I am happy that he is fascinated with books.  I wish the fascination help more with what was inside the book, but.... we need to keep library books safe from the little guy.

2. We, um...  misplace things. Frequently.  

3. Deadlines and I are.... not on a first name basis.

So what to you guys do with books from the library? Do you have any systems in place?  Or brilliant suggestions?  Help a Mama out!