Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Green Necklace, A Tender Heart

After Cuddle Bug was born, I received a giftcard to Kohl's.  I decided to get a long, fun necklace that would be interesting for Cuddle Bug to play with when I was holding him.  The very first time that I wore the necklace, it broke and beads spilled every where.  Seriously.  We are still finding them in corners and places upstairs.  This was in late April of last year.

Last night, my darling Soccer Boy, in the midst of using the two Leis and necklaces that we received at the Mom's Night of his preschool, he came over to me.

"Mom, do you remember a long, long time ago (everything is either yesterday or a long, long time ago, by the way... we are working on A WHILE ago.  He actually used that in the correct context this morning.  Woo-hoo!) when your necklace broke and the things went everywhere and made a mess?  And then you didn't have a necklace anymore?"

I said, "Yeah, I remember that.  It made a BIG mess, didn't it?"

He said, "Well, Mommy, since you don't have a necklace anymore, I want you to have THIS necklace," and he awkwardly placed the precious green necklace, a gift from his preschool teacher, over my head.   It got stuck on my ponytail, but that isn't the point.  The beads are plastic, and was probably purchased in bulk at the dollar store.  But that doesn't matter.  My sweet, tender hearted son remembered that I had lost something,  had the means to replace it, and chose to bless me.  I wore that necklace to church today, even though it clashed with my outfit.  I will wear it to the benefit concert my high school band is having on Thursday night.  To me, this necklace couldn't be more precious than pearls.

Of course,  after we got home from church, he decided that he wanted to use it to "decorate" his truck.  "After all, Mommy, it's still OURS, right?"

You bet, sweetie.  
I love you.