Thursday, March 10, 2011

I'll Huff and I'll Puff and I'll........ (learn how to run again....)

It doesn't feel like starting over.

But I have definitely lost some endurance, and some confidence.  And that is okay.  I expected it.   And while it is warm-ER, it is still WINTER.  Yeah.

So I will keep plugging away, and keep getting out there when I can.

The one huge really big hooray??  It's LIGHT OUT for longer!!  And we are setting the clocks ahead this weekend, so it's going to lighter in the MORNING, too!  That's really cool!

So I found a pair of Brooks Ariels online, and I bought them, fully expecting to fall in love with them.

Unfortunately, after my run yesterday, the jury is still out on these shoes. It's hard to tell whether my legs are tired and sore because they haven't been used in like for -ev-er, or because the the shoes are not the right ones, and  *gasp* perhaps not the magic cure-all that I had hoped they would be.


C'est la vie.

(You see that? That was me, attempting to be all multi-cultural and stuff.)