Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My New Best Friend. (sorry, Sam....)

Round 2 of my sickness is well underway.

I had one week of feeling almost healthy, and then it came back.  Not the fever, thank goodness... but last night was NOT pretty.  I was coughing so hard that it made me sick.  I .....  um..... nevermind.  But any women who have been pregnant, might know where I started to go with that one....

It was awful.

So, I wasn't able to get an appointment with my primary care provider, so they gave me a referral to the school health center nurse.  Her last available appointment was right as my high school band rehearsal was starting, so we spent a few minutes doing a phone consultation, and she sent in a prescription for an inhaler and some cough medicine with codeine.

I might be nuts, but my coughs already feel less tight and "angstful."

Who knows.

All I know, is that I can breathe, for the most part, and that makes me happy.

And look how cute it is, with the two tone blue colors?

The jury is still out as to whether or not I will take the cough syrup with codeine tonight.  It can't hurt.  (Unless it makes me sick, in which case, that will not only hurt, but also score pretty high up there on the ick factor scale.)

On a happier note, yesterday my boys rode TOGETHER in the CAR CART for the first time ever.  Soccer Boy is the sweetest big brother ever.  He was SO excited that Cuddle Bug is finally old enough and strong enough.  He takes his role of protector very seriously.  He makes me so proud.  Cuddle Bug has the most adorable smile, and it is so contagious!  His laughter fills my heart, and I just adore him!!

I didn't let myself picture my life as an adult when I was growing up.  I never believed that I would actually find love,  and if I never found love, I wouldn't be a mother....  Yadda, yadda, yadda.   And I was big on dreams.... but knew the pain of dreams that don't come true.  I knew that because I was pursuing a career in music,  (not the glamorous side, mind you, the EDUCATION side) that my life would be moderate.  And that was okay with me.  But how do you dream of moderate??

My life now as a wife and a mom of two boys, and a teacher to many, is just about perfect.  I could never have pictured it.  I could never have imagined it.  The reality is SO MUCH BETTER!!!

(even during round 2 of the plague.)

Still loving my life amidst the coughs and sniffles......