Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Eventful day....

What a day.
Let me get the outline for you:

Cuddle bug slept until 7:45.  (unheard of.)
We had to leave at 8:30.  Not a big deal.
Vacation Bible School (VBS) for Soccer Boy at 9:00.
(Potentially Disastrous Deal)
Smooth drop-off and extrication at 9:30.
Cuddle bug back in bed at 9:45.
Up again at 11:15, to get ready to pick up Soccer Boy.
VBS ended at 12:05, grabbed food, headed to prime bike riding real estate (empty school parking lot) and had a "picnic"
Ate lunch, watched bike riding, reconnected with a student, more bike riding and stroller pushing until 1:30
Load kids in car, realize car won't start.  1:32
Call dear friend to ask for a jump. 1:33
She shows up at 1:40
Still not working by the time my husband calls on his way home from work, 2:00
Hang out with friend, talking, sharing, until 2:45, when my husband arrives.
Tow truck arrives at 3:20
Drops car off at the garage practically across the street 3:35
Boys and I head home with the other car, and arrive at 3:45.
My husband calls asking us to come back so that I can write a check for the new batter at 3:50.
Realizes he has the checks in the van, 3:51.
Home with the van, in perfect condition, 4:15.

So actually -- it was an amazing day....  Until I realized that I must have done something to COMPLETELY kill the battery.  I mean how does that happen in 45 minutes?  Really?

After that it was... challenging.
I knew it was probably the battery, but probably and my instincts are not always closely related.
My friend was really great -- even though we had to resort to the manual to actually know how to correctly jump start a car.  Haha.   Her middle daughter had came along and was keeping Soccer Boy  occupied, so that was really cool.  It gave us a chance to talk about some pretty intense things, for a few moments.

And the tow truck driver was really cool. He let Soccer Boy sit in the cab of the truck for a bit.  It was loud in their, so it only lasted 3 seconds.  I counted.  But he was still smiling.  

Oh!! The BEST UNEXPECTED BLESSING!   It forced us to clean out the PT Cruiser.   Oh my word does that husband of mine collect garbage.   Yay for having trash bags in the Van, and nothing but time while waiting for the tow truck, right?

So, we are home, both cars are functioning, and life is just fine.  Because of lessons that I taught yesterday, we have exactly the amount of money that we needed for the new battery, and the equipment check, and the installation.   And just for the record, I do NOT believe that to be a coincidence.  ;)

 Check out his new bike!!  He has a super awesome Lightning McQueen helmet too.

If you have never tried Diptic, and you have an iPhone or iPod with a camera, then I would highly recommend it.  It has completely changed the way I take pictures.  I used to be so disappointed that Soccer Boy wouldn't actually smile, or would keep making silly faces.  Now I love it, because I can make a collage like this!!

And this picture collage of Cuddle Bug is not from today, it is from Sunday evening, and he is eating some of my Aunt Rita's delicious cookies!  Eating and wearing them.   It's about a 40/60 split, I think!!

I just wanted to include some recent pictures of the littlest, as well.

All is well that ends well. :)