Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Weigh-in Wednesday: The Ugly Truth

Two things make any kind of cold that I get incredibly difficult.

1)  I get pleurisy almost every time.  It is in the outside lining of your lungs become inflamed and every time you breathe in and your lungs touch your ribcage, big pain happens.  Not fun.  And when you consider that I am a professional musician, and play instruments ALL. THE. TIME, all of which require excessive breathing, it hurts. A lot.

2) I have asthma.  It hardly ever bothers me. I have to be careful when I am excerising -- running in particular, because it is easy to get to a place where it takes a long time to recover from, but I know how to handle it, and to be honest --- I am just not that fast. Yet.  But.  When I have a cold, my poor, compromised lungs can't handle it, and the cough hangs on forever, and makes people think that I am on the verge of death.  I'm not, because really, it is ten times better than it was three days ago.  Right now I am in the stage of -- I am fine unless I try to do anything taxing.  You know, like carry my 16 month old up the stairs for naptime.  Or into the house.  Or rescuing him from imminent danger.

SO those two things make exercising very difficult right now.
I actually took advantage of Soccer Boy being at Vacation Bible School, and Cuddle Bug being down for a nap and started my Leslie Sansone 5 Mile walk playlist on Youtube.  Yeah.  The last two minutes of every mile are jogging.  I really shouldn't have done it.  I knew that I probably shouldn't do it, but I am.... stubborn. And sometimes really... stupid.

I just made it to that point feeling good and strong. I wanted to give it my all.  It felt great to be exercising, and being back at it again.  All that changed after the two minute jogging section.  I didn't feel it completely until we were about five minutes into the next mile, and I just started shutting down.  Oh well.  I got 20 minutes in, which is really good considering that I haven't done a darn thing since.... I actually don't remember when.

So now I am sitting on my couch, regulating my breathing, and trying to decide if I need the inhaler for the asthma, or the ibuprofen for the pleurisy.  *facepalm*


I weighed in this morning--  I am down one more pound, which brings my total lost to 6 pounds so far.

And... since I am being authentic, and I did mention a couple of posts ago that I do have over 100 pounds to lose, I am going to just dig my heels in and put those numbers up there.

Bottom line? (This is my pep talk to myself. Feel free to stop reading for a moment. I will let you know when it is over.)  The people who love you, LOVE YOU.  It doesn't matter to them what size you wear, or what the number is on the scale.  The people that love you are excited to see that you are trying to take charge of your HEALTH, because it means that you have a better chance of being around longer.  Yes.  It is a number.  And yes.... it has a nasty stigma attached.  But it is not the number of your forever.  You can post it, and move on.  And then you can be authentic, and HONEST and be even more motivated to leave these big numbers behind.... FOREVER.

(Okay... pep talk over.  You can start reading again.)


Starting Weight (July 6th):  275 lbs
Previous Weight (July 20th):  270 lbs
Current Weight: 269 lbs
+/- this week:   - 1 lb
Total lost: 6 lbs

There it is, blogland.
I am feeling particularly motivated at the moment.  (see? It's already working!  Ha!)