Saturday, January 15, 2011

Beautiful Day!

My husband, unbeknownst to me, called my parents and arranged for them to watch the boys for a bit today. We spent a glorious afternoon going to stores, and browsing, and shopping, and eating at the brand new Chipotle Grill here in Maine. We ended up at Borders, drinking a white mocha (him) and a chai tea latte (me) and browsing a sushi cookbook (him) and CHI RUNNING by Danny Dreyer (me). I ended up buying Chi Running and I am SO VERY EXCITED to read it, and see if the changes suggested, if implemented, could make a difference for me!

Just a side note: I already had the book in my hand, ready to be made mine when I ordered the drink. Tai Chi, Chai Tea... Are you catching it? It was actually exactly what I wanted, too.

Cuddle Bug and Soccer Boy had a great time with Mimi, Grampie, Auntie and Freddie. Freddie is my sister's adorable black/brindle toy poodle. He is actually so tall that he falls in the Mini Poodle category. It took the family a long time to adjust to letting go of the "toy" category. Haha. Seriously, though, he is the sweetest pup. And he is so smart, too! It has been so amazing to watch my family full of allergic people fall in love with a dog! Poodles are one of the few "hypo-allergenic" dogs. Basically, they don't shed, and don't produce dander, which is the lead cause of pet allergies.

OH YEAH! I totally forgot-- we went to the Maine Running Company (I had never been in the Portland store) and I got some SuperFeet inserts for my casual shoes to help combat the plantar fasciitis. Yay! I am so excited about them!

Then we went grocery shopping on the way home, and now we are vegging with the Green Bay/Atlanta game on.

Fabulous day!