Monday, January 3, 2011

Talk to me about what's really important....

It's a new year.

I have been out of control with my eating habits lately. Seriously. Ri-donk-ulously out of control. I am not going to beat myself up about it, because I can't change the things that I have done, or take back any of the decisions that I have made. I also am going to be realistic and know that I will NOT be able to divert the cheesecake in my refrigerator, and that once it (and the tiramisu torte.... I love/hate Trader Joe's!) is gone, I will again start being sane, sensible and smart about my food choices. I blame it all on the gift card. I would NEVER have spent OUR money on a cheesecake AND tiramisu torte, but for some reason, when it is a gift card, or someone else's money, those extravagances are somehow acceptable. Yes. It is a double standard.

I am feeling all sorts of motivated to actually get back into a routine with exercise and running. It was so much harder than I anticipated to get out for a run during vacation. I made lots of excuses, and shifted the blame around. It is really SO MUCH EASIER to go when the kids are at daycare and the husband is at work. I was intending to go this morning, but my darling Cuddle Bug knew how much I was going to miss him today, so he decided to get up WITH me at 4:15 AM. I bet you can do the math and realize that none of my pre-work plans happened this morning! Oh well. I got to spend time with my baby boy, and I am A-OK with that change of plans. :) So, this afternoon, I intend to rush home to throw my running gear on and get a nice run in (with my new safety blinky light!!) before I pick up the boys from daycare. But, after hearing that Cuddle Bug has been whiny and whimpering all day, just wanting to be held ALL. DAY, it makes me want to go scoop him up and hug him close to my heart, and breathe that baby smell and hear his baby laughs. *pout.*

So, time will tell what today will ACTUALLY bring. My hope is that a run will be in the books by 5:30 pm.

Wow, that was a long preface to my 2011 goals.

1. Run 3 - 4 times a week. Most likely MWF and one weekend day.
2. Work on our budget so that we can ALWAYS have salad and other fresh vegetables around.
3. Make conscious choices about the food that I am eating.
4. Make conscious choices about the media (movies/tv/books/articles/websites) that I am intaking.
5. Make the effort to have dinner at the same time as Soccer Boy, using the dining room table. (my husband works evenings, so this is often NOT the way dinner happens!!)

6. Continue to (try to) be more domestic. Be more intentional about free time that I have at home.


Well, I think that all of those are very reasonable goals, and some of them will be QUITE challenging. Um... actually.... most of them. That is a good thing, right?