Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Focus on the success...

Last night I cooked dinner for myself, knowing that Soccer Boy would half-heartedly try it, but I waited until it was done and then set all of us up in the dining room. Cuddle- Bug rocked his high chair, and Soccer Boy and I at the table.

We had such a fun meal, even though the negotiations (you want me to eat ONE more piece of potato, Mommy? No, son, I want you to eat FOUR more pieces) seemed endless.

After dinner, we pulled down the Silly Faces game that my beloved Aunt gave to Soccer Boy when they watched the boys for us while we went to a concert in October. Oh my word did we have fun!! What a great night!

And then, after I got Soccer Boy settled in bed, and Cuddle Bug's tummy fed (again), I did the dishes in kitchen, and then I finished up watching the video for the week of the Beth Moore Esther Bible Study. So it was a great evening!

I am so ready for THIS evening. Today has just been.....


Today has been fine. * I * haven't been fine. I am Eeyore today. I just feel like I am going to burst into tears. I am hoping that it will pass -- and hopefully before my fifth grade band rehearsal this afternoon!

On Thursday, the boys and I are headed down to celebrate my mother's birthday with her, ON HER birthday, which is so special. Tonight, I think, will involved art projects for her!! See those exclamation points? I already feel better, just thinking about my Mom and my boys.