Tuesday, January 18, 2011

This is a CRY FOR HELP.

My eating has been out of control.  Up until this point it has been mindless, or worse, mindfully bad, with portions that are too large, and eating when I certainly don't need to.

Today, however?  Oh my word.

Breakfast - 6:15 - Oatmeal
Snack (NOT HUNGRY, by the way) - 9:30 - Bagel
Pre-lunch (Still NOT HUNGRY) - 10: 20 - Ham sandwich and cookie
Actual lunch (nope... not hungry - it was just lunchtime) - 1:00 - Hot dogs
Post lunch - (definitely NOT HUNGRY, but ticked at myself for eating the hot dogs instead of the shrimp bisque leftovers we had) 2:00 - Shrimp Bisque.  (At least I was able to give half of it away to my landlord so I didn't end up eating all of it.)

I am so embarrassed.

I need a kick in the pants, folks.  Help a mama out.  Remind me all of the reasons that I will NOT regret making the right choices...  and stuff like that.

Anyone want to challenge me to something?
A little competitive spirit?
Or at least some accountability!  Eek.

I need something, and I am coming to you, blogland....  Please throw me a life jacket or something!