Thursday, January 6, 2011

So excited!

I need to update you all on my goals, and running.

The past three nights, dinner has been at the dining room table. I cannot tell you how wonderful it has been! On Monday night, after we ate dinner, we played a game. On Tuesday night, we made a birthday card for my mom. Last night, we baked Mimi's cake and wrapped her present. It has just resulted in such WONDERFUL moments with both of my boys.

After Soccer Boy is in bed, I take the time to get the dishes in the dishwasher, and make sure that the kitchen is mostly cleaned up. Last night there were lots of pots and pans, and I just couldn't do it because I was exhausted from making and frosting the cake, and the laundry, and the everything else that I had to do.

On the running front:

I ran on Monday. It was SOOOOOOOOOOO cold! It was the wind-chill, and I was NOT prepared for it. I definitely did NOT over-dress for that run. So I did a quick 1.5 miles. That evening and the next day my foot was DEFINITELY bothering me. :(

I ran again yesterday. I dressed more appropriately. BUT--- I didn't realize until I got beyond my driveway that I really didn't need the Yaktrax that day. So it was a little sluggish because of the extra weight. Again, a quick 1.5 miles. The best part is last night I REALIZED what the root of my foot pain is. My left shin and calf are REALLY tight. So much more tight than my right. So, I stretched it thoroughly throughout the evening, and today I have hardly ANY PAIN at all!!

Hoorray!! I am so excited about this!!