Monday, January 10, 2011

Little Miracles

Yesterday something happened.
(Well... yes, of course something happened, if nothing had happened, then we were probably all in comas or something. And that would be alarming, and probably NOT quite worthy of post title "Little Miracles.")

Without going into too much back story, but giving you enough information so that you aren't lost and confused, we are traveling an hour to church each Sunday. We are thrilled to be doing so, and adore our new church home. We wish that we were closer, but that's okay.

With two children, you might imagine that after church hunger might make the thought of another hour in a car a very scary thought. With that in mind, we usually try to make plans with some of our friends up there for lunch. Yesterday the menfolk were picking up the pizza (yay $10 pizza from Pizza Hut!) and the women and children were headed to their house when the window next to my 9 month old opened all by itself. Seriously. When I tried to roll the window back up? Nothing. I pulled over, thinking that perhaps my little imp had found the button, or that the carseat was pushing. THERE. IS. NO. BUTTON. on the the back seat doors.

I seriously could feel myself starting to flip out. But before I could even finish a frantic sentence, I remembered that I do not have to worry. I have a God that is in control of the situation, even if it means that we have to get it repaired and have to juggled bills again. So, I prayed.

And then the window went up.

Soccer Boy was so excited. "Mommy-- Jesus HEARD you!"

Then the window went back down.

We prayed again. It stayed down. It stayed down while my husband tried to figure out what was going on, and it stayed down the entire time we were at their house.

On our way home, it was still down. We had Cuddle Bug bundled up as best we could, since he is like a Houdini when it comes to blankets and coverings. We tried a few more times.
Then Soccer Boy said that we should pray again, so we asked him to.

What follows is just about the cutest prayer ever.

"Dear Jesus,

The window went down, and then up, and then down and now it is still down.

Can you fix it so that my baby brother doesn't get sick?


And THEN the WINDOW WENT UP, and STAYED up! We have had no more issues with that darn window since!!