Tuesday, January 25, 2011


This scenario I believe falls under the category "silver lining," or something to that effect.

Because the furnace hadn't been working hard enough in our half of the old farmhouse that we rent, and nothing that they tried to do would make it heat the place higher than 58 degrees (when it was 3 degrees with very, very negative degree windchills outside), we decided to all snuggled together in the living room (where it felt warmer) with a space heater.  So Soccer Boy and I were on the futon/couch, and Cuddle Bug was in his Pack n Play, and my husband got the small couch.


1) The futon is SO UNCOMFORTABLE to sleep on
2) I was already downstairs
3) it was FINALLY WARM AGAIN!  Yay!


1) actually got up the first time my alarm went off at 4:45
2) did some exercise because of inspiration reading a SparkPeople article
3) have had some time to process/ think/ drink coffee.

So yay!  I am so happy that I read the article that was in my email this morning.  The point that made me STOP READING in the middle of it and START EXERCISING was to start by doing less than you know that your capable of.  If the goal is to make a routine, and to make it stick, then it has to be something that feels doable.

So -- no.  It is WAY too cold for me to run outside right now.  I just can't do it safely, and I don't have the extra time that all those layers entail!! (Well, this morning, I might have! LOL)  BUT... just because I can't run  (no gym membership, no treadmill), doesn't mean that I can't do OTHER exercise.  I have definitely noticed that a "run or NOTHING" attitude creeping into my life.  And face it... this winter is proving to be the worst in a long time.  I need to be doing something to keep fit, and to keep active.

So I popped in my headphones and did a 2 mile Leslie Sansone walk this morning, and I feel great!
But, Cuddle Bug is starving, so I am going to rescue him!

Have a great day, everyone!