Tuesday, April 19, 2011

3 day weekend love!!

This week is school vacation week. (insert "Hallelujah Chorus") The school that my husband works at had an inservice day, which meant that he went in early and then got out at 2:00pm!! (His regular schedule is 2 - 10:30 pm.) We were so excited! After I got home, we got things ready and went to pick the boys up from daycare. They were pretty excited to see us both at the same time!

We went down to the major metropolis that houses the Target and SuperCuts. I got a new haircut that I love! A stacked bob, in case you are wondering.

We ate dinner at one of the best Chinese buffet places in Maine. Yummmmmmm.

Saturday was all about cleaning, running, and working. Well, my husband had to work. He picked up a few overtime hours. :)

Saturday night, however- not as fun. Soccer Boy (4 year old) had a croup episode complete with wheezing, and basically scaring the life out of his Mommy. Soccer Boy woke up feeling fine, but still had the cold, so we played it safe.  Since the doctor on call said he was most likely still contagious, and since Cuddle Bug (12.5 months) had ANOTHER cold, my husband stayed home with the boys and I set out for church and kids worship ministry practice by myself.

I was lost, lost, lost without having a toddler to chase after or a preschooler to remind not to talk during prayers!

I was in a rush to get home after the kids worhip practice, since we had our monthly prayer meeting that night. Oh my word, what a beautiful time of fellowship we had!! And our friends stayed extra late since Monday was a holiday!

Monday was Cuddle Bug's one year check up. I had figured he wouldn't get shots since he had a cold, but we love our Doctor, so we made an event of it.   Lunch at the restaurant all the Cool Families go to. Seriously. I ran into my friend Cathie while we were there!

Cuddle Bug.
His smile is so contagious!  At least in our house.

I just think his expression in this picture is hilarious. Can't you just hear him saying, "Mama, you're silly. I am so pretending I don't know you when I get the chance."  Just for the record- I get that look a lot, but usually from my high school students when they are trying not to laugh at me trying to make them laugh.

Daddy and Soccer Boy.  He may be the slowest eater on EARTH, but he is an amazing big brother!

And me, a picture that I actually kind of like, with my new haircut.

It was a really good thing that we didn't cancel the Doctors appointment, because little man has a double ear infection! :(  This time around, though, he is taking his antibiotics like a champ.  (insert big sigh of relief.)

Work, busy-ness, sickness and all?  We were together, and it was a great weekend.
(and a wonderful start to my Birthday Week!!)