Friday, April 8, 2011

C25K Week 2 Day 2 --- DONE!

Oh yeah!

It's 10:50AM, on a Friday, and I have already finished my run for today!

It is the District Three Junior High Honors Festival today, and I have brought three of our music students to one of the bigger schools in our district for the day.  Last night, I mapmyrunned my course.  The school is located near a military base, so there a few culs-de-sac (yes... correct.  I learned this on Gilmore Girls.) available.  One of them was gated off, so I had to adjust my plan a little bit.

I did get as far this time... Right around two miles as opposed to 2.2 on Wednesday.  Who knows why.

Headphone Update:
They are still missing. I am still sad. I did, however, use my husbands reject skull-candy's.   After using them, I know why he puppy-dog face asked me for another pair.  They are  *cough* crap. *cough*
But, once I got them safe in the pocket of my vest and stopped fiddling with them, they worked adequately.  I ran today to PodRunner's 160 bpm podcast called Breezy.  It was really enjoyable. I wasn't calculating how long the song was, or anything like that.  It was nice.  I HAD intended to run to MotionTraxx's Tribal 5K podcast, which I had downloaded this morning from my iPod touch, and then I could not find it ANYWHERE on my iPod touch.  I could see it when my iPod was plugged in to the computer, but could not access it on my own.  *le sigh*

But all in all?
A day with internet access -- BONUS!  I wasn't expecting that they would give it to us.
A day with time to get my run in!
A day surrounded by other music teachers.
Hearing beautiful music all day!

A great day. :)

Have fun, everyone!