Wednesday, April 13, 2011

C25K Week 2 Day 3

I am just going to lay it all out there.


I had a fantastic conversation with my sister in law on Sunday evening, and we were talking about Heart Rate Monitors.  I have been aware, and even interested about the information that a HRM could provide.  In fact, I am desperately hoping that a Garmin Fairy (of the parental kind) visits me one week from tomorrow (my birthday), or earlier!  I am not picky!  So I know a little bit about heart rate zones.  I know there is a fat burning zone, and I know there is a cardiovascular health zone.    My sister in law is a runner. When she and her family moved to the hill country of Austin, Texas, and she started running on the the HILLS, imagine her shock when she started gaining weight.   She is a personal trainer, and she now refuses to train ANYONE unless they are using a heart rate monitor.

It really made me wonder if that is why when I first started C25K the first time I didn't lose an ounce?  Imagine with me, if you will, a one hundred pound overweight mama huffing and puffing through the intervals.  There really is a pretty good chance that my HR was out of control.

Whatever.  I survived, I got stronger.  I did it.

So...  This time around, I am pushing myself harder and REALLY FEELING it.  So, my brain is working, working, working on my run on Monday.  (The weather was gorgeous, by the way.)  When my legs start feeling fatigued (BECAUSE OF THE STUPID HILLS) and my lungs are working hard, I start entertaining the thought that maybe, just maybe, I am overtraining in terms of my HR.  

And then before I even FINISHED the thought, I was WALKING.  And it wasn't TIME yet.  Grrrr.

Lessons learned?
-Elevation uses different muscles than flat, flat, flat ground.  It is harder.  *facepalm*
-Advice and information is good.  Just getting out there and pushing myself to my limits is OH SO MUCH BETTER!   *facepalm*

Here is the map of my route from Monday.

'Cuz I KNOW you wanted to know.

Oh... and are we friends on DailyMile?  We should be.  You can tell me to get out of my head, and help me do the complicated math of trying to figure out how fast I was running if 9 ... um... 8 minutes was running and 21 minutes was walking....

And you can inspire me.
'Cuz I need that.
A lot.

And I also need it to STOP RAINING.